About Us

Founded in 2019 by the British-Afghan actor Bizhan Neromand. A&B Films is a Film production company and studio space based in North-West London. Since its inception in 2019, the company has released its first international movie Salam London and another short film Tahammul. A&B Films is a fully integrated studio based in North-West London, Kingsbury that has produced some of the most definitive and prominent work in the modern society. It is our continual aim to deliver content that garners both popular as well as critical acclaim, while making people from underrepresented groups as well as small businesses more visible to a national and international audience. A&B Films has always explored new markets for its content creation. Having built our reputation through powerful storytelling that is backed by originality, quality, and detail. We believe in creating and developing world-class content that not only entertains but also offers an enriching experience to the audience. Our multi-purpose studio is open to everyone to use as a photography, podcast, videography space and the creativity is endless.

"Creativity is contagious: Pass it on."

-Bizhan Neromand